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Please refer to the information in Bookkeeping: What to save and send on the left.
You can post them to us. Alternatively, you can buy a scanner for around £60. You can then scan your documents and email them to us. There is no charge associated with this method and will therefore save you money in the long run.
We are able to produce the following reports for you:
Profit and Loss Statement
Balance Sheet
Debtors Analysis
Other reports are available upon request
These available either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. These can be emailed to you at no extra charge.
Alternatively we can post these out to you. The cost of printing, postage and packaging will be added onto your monthly bill.
Bookkeeping services are charged at £16 per hour. A minimum of 2 hours charge per month is made.
For any other services such as data entry, mailing etc there is a minimum of 1 hours charge for a single job carried out.
As bookkeepers we process your accounts and hand them back to you. They are yours to use as you wish.
No, you accountant will assist you with all matters relating to tax. As bookkeepers we simply record the financial transactions of the business correctly.
Yes we will send you the figures so that you can complete your VAT return, which is usually quarterly, however we can send you figures as often as necessary. For more information on registering for VAT and the different schemes available visit our Business Info page
Yes. We use a local accountancy firm to whom we make referrals. As a result of using these accountants, it can make the bookkeeping more accurate as we will have a working relationship with them with regards your accounts. You are under no obligation to use these accountants and are welcome to use your own, this will by no means affect the level of service we provide.
At our offices in Warrington, Cheshire. Although we can come to your premises and do your bookkeeping on site.
We do have some knowledge on the basics of what are allowable expenses and should your enquiry be uncomplicated we will endeavour to assist you. However, the knowledge of whether or not something is allowable for tax purposes ultimately lies with your accountant and this will be picked up by them when they calculate your tax return.
You may have a read of some basic bookkeeping advice and decide to take on the bookkeeping of your business yourself. This is an excellent first step of gaining an insight into your business accounts and how it will work. However, training to be a certified bookkeeper can take many years (visit the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and International Association of bookkeepers websites for more info).
When you come to complete your tax return, you will probably need to visit an accountant. If you have made errors in your bookkeeping, you must pay the accountants hourly rate to correct the books of the business. Alternatively you can hire a bookkeeper, and present the accountant with a neat and tidy set of books with no errors, then your accountancy fees should be far less.
When you are starting your own business it is tempting to become side tracked and try to learn website design, bookkeeping amongst other skills in order to save money. However, this can prove costly in the long run as you spend less time actually running your business and making sales, and more time trying to learn new skills.
Even if your transactions a few and seldom, we can find an affordable package to suit you.
Analyses of your books will tell you a lot of valuable information about your business.

Use monthly profit and loss statements to view how much profit youíve made each month.
Analyses your debtors to know who owes what, and how old the debt is.
Analyses what sales earn you the most revenue.
Forecast what a job might actually cost you and what mark up you can make.
Use a cash flow forecast to put money aside to pay you tax bill.
Employing a member of staff will mean buying the software, training them up, covering absence through sickness and holidays, and paying their national insurance and tax. Outsource your work to us and youíll have one monthly fee, and the work is done for you. Youíll know where you stand from one month to the next, and you can trust you financial information is secure with us.
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