In partnership with software provider Datamove, we provide our customers with their excellent Staff Planner software which :



Alternatively, we can work with your own attendance records, whichever works for you!


We can also provide reports on departmental efficiency, staff shortages, and use other tools such as the Bradford Factor, to identify where potential problems exist.


Our service is entirely customised to suit your payroll requirements. From handling the basics such as calculation of PAYE and NIC, to producing payslips, or managing the whole process including submissions to HMRC and/or your bank, we offer an entirely flexible service at very competitive prices. Our basic charge is just £2.69 per payslip.

Service Key Features

Full Payroll Service


Free Timesheet and Staff Planning Sofware


Registered HMRC Agent


Customised Payslips


Journal, Departmental and Bradford Factor Reporting


Holiday Tracking

Bookkeeping & Accounting
Business Planning
Data Support & Software
Training & Office Hire
Our Other Services
National Payroll Service
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